EPC-A-1 20A Emergency Power Control (Junction Box/Fixture Mount)

The EPC-A-1 from Myers EPS  helps to convert regular light fixtures into approved emergency lights, all while saving energy and money while ensuring compliance with both life safety and energy codes. Featuring a flexible mounting package, this allows the device to be installed in junction boxes, light fixtures, or behind wall switches making is so there is no need to compromise when it comes to the design intent and aesthetics of a space.


  • Patented Automatic Diagnostic Feature
    • The unique feature of the EPC-A-1 is the ability to place the unit above the accessible ceiling tile because the unit does not require an accessible test switch. Instead, when the room switch is turned off, the emergency luminaires stay on for 2.5 seconds and indicate that an emergency power source was available and that the EPC-A-1, ballast, and lamp(s) are all functioning correctly. This feature replaces a test switch and is approved for this purpose.
  • Power indicator LED for utility power (green)
EPC-A-1 20A Emergency Power Control (Junction Box/Fixture Mount)


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