Illuminator LVM – 110VA & 225VA

Myers EPS offers a line of mini inverters incorporating microprocessor controlled PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) pure sine wave based DC to AC power inversion. These systems support all lamp sources, including LED.

Capacity and Dimensions

  • 110VA/W: 14.75″ H x 16.25″ W x 3.5″ D
  • 225VA/W: 23.25″ H x 16.25″ W x 3.5″ D
  • 110VA/W & 225 VA/W Grid Mount: 7.5″ H x 23.875″ W x 8″ D

Standard Features

  • PWM/MOFSET Pure Sine Wave Inverter Technology
  • 3 Stage Battery Charger for Extended Battery Life
  • UL 924 Self-Testing and Diagnostics
  • Compatible with Electronic Low Voltage, Fluorescent, HID, Incandescent, LED, & Quartz Lamp Types
  • Red Electrostatic Powder Coat Finish
  • Select Models Available as Ready-to-Ship Items


  • 110VA & 225VA

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