Battery Backup Systems & Cabinets

MP Series Battery Backup

Myers EPS MP Series Battery Backup System is a complete, easy to use continuous power solution designed specifically for traffic applications. It provides uninterrupted power to traffic signal control equipment with connection to utility or generator power as a primary power source and battery power as a secondary source, with a 8 millisecond, or below transfer time. Battery power is provided by AGM valve regulated lead acid batteries designed specifically for UPS applications with available capacities ranging from 33 AH – 105 AH+ at 60 C.

The MP Series features a local keypad for ease of programming; integrated Windows-compatible software and SNMP for fully interactive program and status reporting; advanced event logging with 100 event capacity, time and date stamp, and download and print capability; remote access capabilities; and six programmable dry contacts. Optional equipment includes a bypass switch that allows the battery backup system to be removed without affecting the flow of power to the traffic signal. Traffic safety is in our DNA.

MP Series Battery Backup


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