About Us

Committed to performance. Dedicated to our customers.

We introduced Myers Emergency Power Systems more than 60 years ago to serve the growing emergency power needs of customers both domestic and abroad.

At the time, we adopted a simple, yet powerful mission: develop industry-leading emergency power products that deliver unmatched performance and reliability. We followed through with that mission, and it remains fundamental to our success today. Myers Emergency Power Systems continues to bring to market robust, non-failure solutions to the industries that rely on us. And as the needs of the core industries we serve advance, so do we.

Just as we take pride in the high quality of our products, we take pride in the high quality of our customer service. Supported by knowledgeable employees, our customers expect and receive quick and accurate answers to all their questions.

Notably, we design and manufacture our equipment in-house and support every product with testing, installation, commissioning and maintenance services. That means we’re the only company you’ll need for the life of your equipment.