ICBM-S – Individual Charge Battery Manager

  • Individually Charges Each Battery in a String
  • Alarms on Removal of Any Battery – Connects to Tamper Switch Connection
  • Extends Battery Life by Minimizing Charge Differences Between Batteries
  • Prevents Chronic Under-Charged Conditions
  • Extends Run-Time by Maximizing Charge for Each Battery
  • Each ICBM Services 1 — 2 Battery Strings & Auto-Detects String Configuration
  • 36 VDC & 48 VDC Versions Available
  • Easy Installation with LEDs Indication of Bad Wiring or Connection Faults
  • LED Indication of Faulty or Inoperable Batteries
  • Faulty or Inoperable Battery Info Communicated to Status Monitoring Systems Using Existing Alarm Structure
  • Compatible With All Manufacturers Power Supplies / UPS Systems
ICBM-S – Individual Charge Battery Manager


Data Sheet Manual