Illuminator DR (Three Phase) – 4.0kVA, 5.0kVA, 6.5kVA, 8.0kVA & 10kVA

The Myers EPS Illuminator Series DR is a three-phase emergency lighting inverter designed for outdoor use. The inverter transfers to emergency mode within two milliseconds when utility power is lost, enabling the system to support all types of lighting loads, including HID. With an outdoor-rated cabinet the Illuminator DR can be installed in remote locations and in situations where no indoor space is available. Based upon more than 30 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise, this product combines all of the features that deliver reliability, versatility, and ease of operation & maintenance with the latest technology to create an industry-leading solution.


  • 4.0kVA, 5.0kVA, 6.5kVA, 8.0kVA & 10.0kVA

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