EPC-2-D UL924 Shunt Relay for Use with 0-10 Volt Dimming

(Formerly Known as RLY-DIM-2D)

Comply with life safety codes while conserving energy and preserving lighting design aesthetics with the EPC-2-D. This slim, unobtrusive device converts regular light fixtures to approved emergency lights and can be flush or grid mounted. During normal operation, the same 0-10V dimming system, DALI control device, occupancy sensor, relay panel, or lighting control device can dim or switch regular and emergency fixtures on and off simultaneously. During a utility power interruption, the EPC-2-D automatically bypasses the regular lighting controls, turning the emergency lights ON at full brightness, regardless of dimmer position. The EPC-2-D is ceiling or wall mounted in a junction box with a single gang plaster ring. In addition the device can be internal to most lighting fixtures. It is usually located in the area where the emergency fixtures are installed.


  • Unique, patented automatic diagnostics:
    • Verify availability of emergency power
    • Test functionality of EPC-2-D, ballasts, lamps, and LEDs
    • Eliminate need for monthly manual test
    • Allow for installation in remote areas or those inaccessible for manual testing
  • Inverter, fire alarm interface, or remote test options; contact factory for details
  • Utility and emergency power indicator LEDs
  • Slim, attractive flush mount profile allows easy access to manual test switch and LEDs
  • Integral front-mounted test switch
  • Isolated 0-10V relay contact ensures full brightness during utility power interruption, regardless of dimmer model