RRU-UNV UL924 Shunt Relay for Use with Emergency-Only Control Devices

(Formerly Known As RLY-SW-1)

The RRU-UNV includes a 20A rated high voltage Form C (N/O+N/C) relay and is UL924 listed for emergency lighting control applications. The RRU-UNV saves energy and money while ensuring compliance with both life safety and energy codes. During normal operation the emergency only occupancy sensor, relay panel, or lighting control device can switch emergency fixtures on or off. Its small size makes it ideal for junction box mounting in wireless or other modern lighting control systems. An integral test switch and LED allow for quick testing and verification of proper function.

The powerful RRU-UNV is designed for sites with separate control devices for emergency lights.


  • 20A rated N/O and N/C contacts that allow:
    • Bypass of line voltage switching, occupancy sensors, and dimmers
    • Communication to relay panels, BMS systems, and in the event of utility power interruption
  • Integrated test switch and green utility power indicator
  • UL 924 listed