SSP – Scalable System Power

Myers EPS offers the Scalable System Power outside plant network power system, which is one of the industry’s most flexible and cost effective standby power solutions. The Scalable System Power solution is offered in three sizes ranging from 2 A – 18 A and features plug-in modules common across all models, limiting the required stock of spare parts and allowing existing modules to be used on any size or power configuration.


  • Scalable Standby Power Supply System
  • Allows Scaling of Cost / Capability to Power Being Consumed
  • Small Model: 2 A, 4 A & 6 A at 87 V with 12 V Battery Bus (1 Battery)
  • Medium Model: 9 A & 12 A at 87 V with 24 V Battery Bus (2 Batteries)
  • Large Model: 15 A & 18 A at 87 V with 36 V Battery Bus (3 Batteries)
  • Returns Significant Savings in Power, Deployment, Batteries & Enclosures
  • Ferro-Resonant Design Provides Voltage Regulation & Short Circuit Protection
  • Printed Circuit Board with Conformal Coating
  • Embedded HMS / DOCSIS Transponder