Emergency Lighting Power Solutions

Emergency Lighting and Backup Power Equipment

Whether you need to maintain illumination of emergency and exit lighting on a single floor or throughout an entire campus, Myers EPS has an Emergency Lighting Power Solution to meet your needs. Our high-efficiency systems include uninterruptible power supplies and fast transfer systems designed to support all lamp sources, including HID, electronic low voltage, fluorescent, LED, quartz, incandescent, and mixed loads. These UL 924-compliant systems offer capacities ranging from 25VA/W — 50kVA/kW and all models incorporate self-testing and diagnostics in accordance with UL 924. Optional features include seismic mounting, internal maintenance bypass switches, fast recharge, and enhanced metering systems.

Myers EPS designs and manufactures our equipment in-house and supports every product with testing, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services, making us the only company you will need for the life of your equipment.  Download our Quick Reference Guide to view all of Myers EPS’ inverters at a glance.